I’m always trying to find new ways to not be so wasteful anymore and to protect our beautiful world by producing less waste. Here are 5 effortless ideas for a greener camping trip:

  1. Britta Pitcher: At home we don’t use plastic bottles, because the shocking amount of empty bottles that accumulate in just one week make me cringe. Since the refrigerator in our camper doesn’t have a filter and I don’t really feel comfortable drinking water straight out of the faucet there, we decided to get a Britta pitcher. I know, it sounds like a no brainer… but I was so happy that we did not have to by cases with bottled water anymore.

    Buy it on Amazon: Britta Pitcher

  2. Reusable Plastic Storage Bags: Another one of my pet-peeves: zip-lock bags. This is one of the most wasteful things on the planet. Most of us use them one time and they go in the garbage, because you can’t really clean them. So I invested in some reusable storage bags – just use them and then hand-wash them or (if available) stick them in the dishwasher. They don’t only save plastic, but also a ton of money.

    Buy them on Amazon: Reusable Storage and Freezer Bags

  3. Soap and Shampoo Bars: The ultimate solution to my waste & storage problems in the bathroom – soap and shampoo bars. They last way longer than the liquid products, have basically no waste and take up almost no room. Triple win in my book. There are tons of brands out there and – full disclosure – I usually get my soap bars from a local farm that makes their own goat milk soap… they are amazing (check them out on Etsy: The Soapy Goats & Gifts). But my favorite brand for solid shampoo it Ethique. They offer a wide range of products, from shampoo and conditioner to body wash. Everything is packed neatly in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging:

    Buy it on Amazon: Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar
  4. Laundry Sheets: Tired of the super-bulky, extra-heavy and environmentally unfriendly laundry detergets on the market? I recently made the switch to laundry sheets from The Laundry Club: Leightweight, easy to use, mess-free and plastic-free. Give it a try:

    Buy them on Amazon: Laundry Club Laundry Sheets

  5. Reusable Dinnerware: I know, clean-up is a breeze with paper plates… but I just can’t get over how much waste it produces. So we decided on this amazing dinnerware set: reusable, pretty much unbreakable and bpa-free.

    Buy it on Amazon: ShopWithGreen Dinnerware Set

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