Traveling in an RV brings a lot of advantages that hotel stays just can’t match, including camping right on your destination and getting away from it all. But if you’re not sure why RV travel has so many advantages over regular hotel stays, here are advantages RV travel has over hotel stays:

  1. No lugging around heavy suitcases from the car to the hotel
    When we travel, we love to visit lots of different places. So we like to move to a different location every couple of days. Before we bought our travel trailer, we constantly had to pack and unpack, re-pack the car and so on. Now, everything has it’s place all the time – no matter where we are.
  2. When the kids get bored, just send them outside
    I don’t know about your kids, but ours are definitely early risers – and they are very active. Whenever we stay at a hotel, I need to try and keep them quiet… and in a boring hotel room with little to no toys, that usually means screentime. But when we are traveling with our RV, everything is so much easier: I just send them outside. There is usually a playground, bike trails, or simply nature within walking distance! There’s no limit to what can be done when kids feel like they have more space and freedom than in a hotel room There’s a lot more playing in trees and digging in sand piles when you live on wheels!
  3. You can sleep in your own bed every night
    When traveling by RV, you’re never without your own bed to sleep in. When you want to end your day, simply pull over and stop for the night. You’ll never be stuck trying to find a hotel room that accommodates four in a single bed, or trying to cram two kids into one twin-sized hotel mattress. And best of all: no risk of bed bugs!
  4. You always have access to a proper kitchen
    I know not everyone will see this as a plus, but to me this is a huge advantage of RV travel. I love to cook and I love the convenience of just pulling over at a rest stop and making a sandwhich right then and there. With an RV, you’ll always have access to a full kitchen and anything else that comes along with it. From sandwich-making supplies (such as a toaster or microwave) to appliances that can help make cooking easier (such as a stovetop), there are plenty of items you can pack in your RV that will give you additional freedom when traveling.
  5. You can always use your own bathroom
    Forget nasty gas station loos – when you’re traveling with an RV you always have access to your own bathroom. Enough said!

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